Roller, Toner for Laser-jet Printer OPC drum & chip for Laser-jet Printer Wide-Format Ink Desk-jet Ink Ink for Ink-jet Printer Marketing & Trading

With the top of total Production and Marketing solution with our products(OPC drum and LFP and Deskjet Ink) as well as a international talents & ability.

Whatever we do, we make a successful contract and business because we are
professionals in the making, who will be carrying out missions they are individually in
charge of. 'Global' refers to the global relevance and scope of the talents we foster
through stays at our overseas offices, training at leading overseas companies, and via
exchange programs or MBA programs at accredited institutions.

As well as we produce perfect products and an experts in marketing, finance, logistics, risk management
and more, all having in common a drive and ability to generate the highest market value.
Our marketing specialists create a intangible as well as a tangible asset.