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DVP, PCR is core part for laser printer to supply toner Powder on the surface of OPC Drum.
The most recent , as laser printer are achieving faster speeds, higher quality and more complex,
these parts are requested to be higher quality
DVP roller satisfy consumer¡¯s requirements with our own distinguished QC control system,
modernized measuring equipment and automatic process

Magnet Roller has symmetrical and/or unsymmetrical magnetic properties; high magnetic
uniformity with linear direction, positional magnetic property value stabilization required
Used on developing device and cleaning device of electronic copiers, printers,
and facsimiles; magnet roll that delivers developing agent has difficult to manufacture and
there is a need for design that takes in allowance for both magnetic property and physical property.

Sleeve normally, special surface treatment is done with either stainless material or aluminum material.
We supply sleeves in line with the customer¡¯s requests about production method and versatility

1) Excellent stability of resistance properties
2) Excellent reliability matchable OPC Drum
3) Quick delivery and reliable quality control

1) PCR

Application Model Rsistance (M¥Ø) Outer Diameter (mm) Hardness(JIS-C)
AX/HP1100/HP1200 1*106 ~ 1*107 12.00 43
HP4000/HP2100 12.00 43
HP5000/HP8100 14.00 45


Meterial Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Resistance(m¥Ø) Hardness(JIS-A) Fickness(¥́m)
NBR 276.1 ¥ơ 14 1*107 56 <1.0
271.3 ¥ơ 16 1*108 54 <1.0
263.0 ¥ơ 20 1*108 54 <1.5
Silicon 284.5 ¥ơ 20 1*107 52 <1.5
Urethane 272.7 ¥ơ 20 1*108 50 <1.5


3) Magnet for printers & copiers : Laser Printer developing toner supplier magnet

4) Sleeve - A4, A3 Size for Laser printer & Copiers

* Magnet Roll Material;

Part Example of Material
Magnet JHMR-1 8LD or JHPM
Shaft SUM22, S45C, SUS304
Sleeve A6053-H14, SYS303
Flange A A5056F, A2017-T4, SUS304
Flange B A5056F, SUS303A, 2017-T4, POM.
Flange B Oilless bearing, Ball bearing

5) Color Toner Powder;

For perfect customers¡¯ satisfaction, we supply you with only perfect qualified toner
powder to custmers;
Specification(Compatibility data for color toner powder) Download